Valentine’s Day has a polarizing effect on people regardless of whether they are in a relationship. For every couple dressed in red with plans to go to a fine Italian restaurant tonight, there is a couple who would rather celebrate their love on Earth Day. For every person who is looking forward to drinking red wine with a bunch of friends — who says you can’t celebrate friend love on Valentine’s Day? — there is another who really, really wishes she wasn’t single right now. Personally, my emotions this year range from I hope my favourite bakery has heart shaped cookies! to I hope the Greek Freak wins the dunk contest tonight!  Last year, I wrote some of my thoughts on Valentine’s Day. As my thoughts about the necessity of self-love and burritos remains unchanged, I thought I would make you something you can enjoy no matter how you plan to spend the day. I had thought about writing variations on “Roses are red,” but when my second entry became, “The grass is green, / The girls are pretty. / Take me down / To the Paradise City,” I realized this had the potential to get out of hand really quickly. Instead, I’m offering music for all of your emotions this Valentine’s Day.

For your Kanye West-Kim Kardashian love: Bound 2 by Kanye West

For your Beyoncé-Jay-Z love: Drunk In Love by Beyoncé

For your Juno-Paulie Bleeker love: Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches

For your West Side Story love: Somewhere by Tom Waits

For your slow dance: I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

For the start of your relationship: 11:11 by Arkells

For your secret crush: About a Girl by The Academy Is…

For telling someone how you feel: Dreams by J. Cole

For your reunion: You & I by Lady Gaga

For your old school love: I’ve Been Loving You for Too Long by Otis Redding

For your tragic love story: November Rain by Guns N’ Roses OR American Wedding by Frank Ocean

For your recent break up: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

For your break up, Valentine’s Day 2003: The Ex by Billy Talent

For a reminder of the mess he left when he went away: You Outta Know by Alanis Morissette

For when you really aren’t feeling Valentine’s Day: Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches

For loving yourself: i by Kendrick Lamar

For your solo dance party: Do My Thang by Miley Cyrus

For your strong independent night: I Love It by Icona Pop

For your wild bar night: Hey Ladies by Beastie Boys

For your feeling of, Who needs love? Not me!: D.I.Y. Orgasms by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains 

For your feeling of, I’d rather be alone:  Entertainment by Phoenix

For your movie scene: Wicked Games by Chris Isaak

For the wedding you’re crashing: I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! at the Disco

For when you would really rather celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Salty Dog by Flogging Molly

For me, if you want me to fall in love with you: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love yourself, love the ones you’re with, listen to The Proclaimers, eat a burrito.

Song of the Day: Elastic Heart by Sia


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