The First Time My Parents Let Me Swear


I saw Billy Talent a few weeks ago at NXNE. It had been eight years since I had seen them. The first time I saw them was in Sarnia during Bayfest, at a midday show I went to with my father. I was at that awkward in between age when I was too young to go to a concert on my own, but felt — and looked — too old to go with a parent. Despite the awkwardness I felt initially, I was really enjoying that concert. That is, until Ben Kowalewicz, shirtless and wearing a cowboy hat he took from someone in the crowd, yelled out audience, “I want everybody to stick up their middle finger and say ‘Fuck George Bush!'” You see, this was less than a year after he was elected to his second term as President. I froze. How could I do and say such things when I was with my father? I turned to him, in a panic, but he was unconcerned. He just nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

I’ve been to hundreds of concerts now, but this one will always stand out. It was the first time I had ever swore in front of one of my parents. After that, our speech became freer and our conversations deeper. One profanity shouted in the park and I became an adult.

It goes without saying that I never again took such liberties with my actions or words.


Maybe it’s best you don’t look through any of my pictures now.

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