It will come as a surprise to approximately zero people who know me that I am a cat person. The picture above is of my cat Muff, who is so well known among my family and friends, if I started a Twitter account for her she would probably have more followers than I do. But this is not a post about my cat or her popularity. This is a post about the challenges of being a cat person.


I once came upon a survey titled Figuring Out If You’re a Crazy Cat Lady. It went as follows.

A. You have more than zero photos of your cat on your cell.

They had me at the first question! The above picture is a cat selfie. It is not the only one on my iPhone either.

B. You think cats are superior to dogs because cats don’t need friends.

They had me again! I admire the independent — or what others may call anti-social — ways of cats.

C. Your homepage is set to

I was safe there. As much as I am a cat person, I am an English major first and foremost. I’m appalled by bad grammar, even from cats.

D. You think people with cat allergies need to suck it up.

At this point, I admitted I am a crazy cat lady. All this time I thought you had to have at least three cats to earn that title.

Unlike pug people, who have adopted the slogan of “Pugs, Sex and Rock & Roll”, cat people do not have a rallying cry. I was the one in my class picture wearing a t-shirt with a line like ‘Purrfect’. Even at the age of seven I knew that line would persuade no one to turn to the feline side. After I turned twelve, I put away my cat shirts for what I thought would be for good. Recently, however, I decided to accept who I am and declare it to the world.


I like both cats and hats.

Today I am ready to stand proudly and say, “I am a cat person and I have had a cat calendar my entire life!” Actually, I’m not so proud to admit to my history of cat calendars, but now I’ve admitted it, so we all must accept that truth.

So stay strong my cat people (please tell me you’re out there), and know that there are other people who like cats in more than just the ironic Urban Outfitters way.



Song of the Day: Plea from a Cat Named Virtute by The Weakerthans

4 thoughts on “Too Young to Be a Crazy Cat Lady

  1. haha nice. My friends like to joke about me becoming a crazy cat lady (because I’m single) but I don’t like cats… so I think I’m safe… for now!

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